Pass it on

I originally posted the following comment on Facebook to my friends on the 25th January.

My wife is incredible.

She spends her working day looking after the victims of child abuse and sees and hears some truly horrific things. She has been at work for 12 hours today and won’t be back for a long time yet.

She does all this but because they rely on charitable funding and they haven’t yet secured funding for the future she has little idea if she will be able to afford to pay herself this month.

She is my hero.

She doesn’t do Facebook so she has no idea I posted this but I had to share my unreserved respect for dedication.

Amazingly I wasn’t “drunk overly emotional bloke” when I wrote this, it just came into my head and I needed to tell everyone.

The reason I have put it into this post today is that her company are still trying to secure funding and raise awareness of the truly amazing job that they do. Please do your bit to help by forwarding this on to everyone you know on whatever social media platform you use.

You could follow her on Twitter (@ImaraCIC) and take a look at her website for more info



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Barrister's clerk of many years. Keen watcher of all things post LSA. Can't play golf very well. Likes beer and pies. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy @notabarrister
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