Like having your brain smashed out by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick

Went out to a book launch last night and enjoyed myself far too much at the party. Getting in at 1-10am on a school night is not a good idea especially when bedtime is normally before 10-00pm. I haven’t got a sicky/nasty hangover I just feel really tired.

Bizarrely this seems to have had a positive effect on my productivity. In know that in order to make the day go quickly I need to keep busy. Because I am a bit ropey I am having to really concentrate on what I am doing and so I am thinking about it more than I normally would. The net result is that I am getting a lot done which is always good on a Friday afternoon.

A little light bulb appeared above my head when I put this all together, maybe I should work  with a hangover more often. I could test it out. I am working tomorrow morning, its a training session on complaints handling. If I go and get sloshed tonight then maybe I will really concentrate on the training and absorb all of the useful information like a big red eyed, twitchy, slightly smelly sponge. Me and my hangover a room full of barristers, powerpoint presentations, role playing exercises and enthusiatic trainers telling us all about how to handle complaints and learn from them.

I think the fact that I am actually considering it as a genuine possibility has just disproved my theory. Oh well early night with the Kindle and a glass of bed squash it is.


About notabarrister

Barrister's clerk of many years. Keen watcher of all things post LSA. Can't play golf very well. Likes beer and pies. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy @notabarrister
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