Hold my coat (in the real world)….

Whilst the BSB and the Law Society shove each other in the playground and the others look on shouting “fight, fight, fight” lets have a look at what happens if we substitute an average Chambers for the BSB and their report.

Head of Chambers – I’ve asked around Chambers and we have all agreed that solicitors are rubbish at advocacy, something ought to be done.

Senior Clerk – So you want me to tell the source of your income that they are crap at doing their job?

HOC – Not their job, our job

SC – Oh our job, thats all right then. Don’t you think they may be a teensy bit upset about that.

HOC – Well why should they be, if they wanted to do advocacy they should have gone to the Bar.

SC – *banging head on table* How much work do you think you are going to get from your instructing solicitors when you describe the way that they do a job, that they have been trained to do and are well within their rights to do, as crap?

HOC – Oh I see…..perhaps we should rethink this.

SC – Perhaps WE should.

I think in future if the BSB (or Bar Council) and the Law Society (or SRA) are going to talk to one another they ought to ask the Institute of Barrister’s Clerks to act as the conduit. 

No clerk worth his or her salt would ever let the big circle form in the playground waiting for the two protagenists to push each other and pretend to be held back by mates.


About notabarrister

Barrister's clerk of many years. Keen watcher of all things post LSA. Can't play golf very well. Likes beer and pies. Follow me on Twitter if you fancy @notabarrister
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One Response to Hold my coat (in the real world)….

  1. Nice post, Scott. To me this illustrates that the sooner the Bar recognises its deficiencies in areas of commercial expertise beyond legal practice the better.

    Good to see you’ve started blogging. I eagerly await your next post *drums fingers* …

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